Two Choices #3: Italian or Mexican?

The other day when my son was marketing with me, I said he could get some cans of soup and you’d think he’d died and gone to heaven. He adores soup. Just this afternoon he snaked the can of Italian Wedding Soup I had gotten to try myself. Now I’ll have to buy it again, but he did say it was really good. (He also loves meatballs, so he considers meatballs IN soup to be culinary perfection.)

Now, I have had albondigas soup, which is Mexican and very yummy. I like the bits of rice that are usually embedded in the little meatballs.

So, if given the choice, which would you eat, the albondigas (left) or the Italian Wedding (right)?

Hot Aussies

Time for another choice. Inspired by the Oscar show, I find myself thinking of Hugh Jackman. He’s Australian. That country can sure put out some hot guys. And who knew he could sing and dance? I was flabbergasted. That was a really tough number he did with Alicia Keys, all those song changes!

However, Simon Baker is another Aussie that I think is damn sexy. You might remember him as the shitheel in The Devil Wears Prada. He also starred in the TV show, “The Guardian.” I have no idea if he can sing or dance, but frankly, I don’t care! All he has to do is stand there and breathe. (Okay, he could kiss me or fondle me or…you get the picture.)

So, who do you prefer, Hugh Jackman or Simon Baker?